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Environmental Committment

Management at Dunny Doctor – Mandurah Liquid Waste are committed to ensuring the protection of the Environment in which we work and live.

Protection of our unique and vulnerable eco system of waterways and associated Flora/Fauna in Mandurah/Peel Regions and surrounding areas ensures a positive future for our community.

Due to the line of work that our Company is involved in, it is of vital importance’s that our staff are expected to comply with the spirit of this policy in the context of our organisation in which they work and have an ongoing commitment to the Environment.

Our Industry is a very controlled Industry and we ensure that all our Licenses are current with the Department Environment Regulations and that our drivers have regular refresher courses and comply with all Environmental Regulations. Each driver holds a Department Environment Regulation License.

All of our drivers carry “Spill Management Manuals” and “Spill Kits” in each vehicle to ensure that any accidental spillages have specific steps for them to follow to minimise any damage to the environment and especially our waterways.

Dunny Doctor MandurahOur Company holds regular “Tool Box” meetings, where environmental and associated issues are discussed.

Our Company is committed to educating our customers in regard to the importance of our environment. It is our Company Policy to attach a Facts Sheet to all customers invoices with illustrations and advice with a view to helping them maintain their septic system so that the environmental impact is minimised.

Further to this we seek to advise our Customers on the Legal requirements of disposal for Liquid Waste at authorised Treatment Plants where waste can be treated safely.

We at Dunny Doctor – Mandurah Liquid Waste aim at achieving continual environmental improvement through implementing a management system with objectives and targets.