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Understanding your Septic Tanks System

A typical modern household septic system consists of two round solid tanks. The first tank being the larger of the two, also known as the primary tank, which holds the majority of solids, sludge, paper, food scraps and soap/body fats etc. The secondary tank holds mainly sludge.

Note: The solid tanks act as a filter to remove solids from the water which then flows through to the Soak well/Leach Drain.

Remember what is put down your kitchen, bathrooms, and toilets all goes into these tanks.
A Soak well/Leach drain can consist of 2 x 9 metre Leach drain with a diverter OR 4 x Drywells with a diverter. The Soak well/Leach drain is designed to leach the filtered waste liquid into the surrounding soil. When the solid tanks become overfull with solids (which starts to break down into a mud) this is then passed through the system with the liquid into the Soak well/Leach drain clogging up the drain holes. To prevent damage to your Soak well/Leach drain, it is generally recommended that maintenance pump outs should be carried out every four to five years depending on size of the system and the number of people in the home.

Note: There are a number of factors that can effect the time between maintenance pump outs…….. Remember regular maintenance also protects our water ways…….


Septic Tank Removal