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Understanding Your Grease Arrestor

A Grease Arrestor is a square concrete holding tank that holds any fats and solid food waste that is put down your sink/s. The idea is that this unwanted waste is not to be put into the main deep sewerage lines or septic tank system because when fats get cold they form a solid mass, this can cause major problems such as blockages etc.

Understanding your Grease ArrestorIMPORTANT NOTES TO BE AWARE OF:
  • It is important to maintain your Grease Arrestor with a regular maintenance program so that it works efficiently.
  • The Water Corporation advises regular maintenance requirements so that the fats don’t pass into the main sewer lines or septic tank system. This avoids costly repairs from Water Corporation when fat builds up in the main lines and cause blockages.
  • Booking Grease Arrestors in on a regular basis will avoid increased costs of pump outs, if we are called out when your Grease Trap is overfull, as well as complying with Water Corporation recommended frequency.
  • We endeavour to pump and clean out Grease Arrestors early morning, this avoids offensive odours, inconvenience to your customers, deliveries to your business, staff and local traffic.
  • We report to Water Corporation on our Customers behalf, saving time and ensuring that our Customers comply with Water Corporation requirements.