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Information on Grease Arrestors

  • Grease Arrestors are usually pumped early in the mornings before Business’s start trading hours due to the possible smell, noise and inconvenience to your customers.
  • Grease Arrestors need to be kept clear of any rubbish, boxes, stock and vehicles at all times.
  • If the Grease Arrestor is inside a locked gate, we will require a key to gain access and carry out work due to the hours that it will be pumped.
  • Our Company reports to Water Corporation on your behalf within 7 days of the pumping the Grease Arrestor.
  • Water Corporation will have issued their recommended pumping frequency to you. If you have any difference of opinion in regard to this frequency, you will need to contact the Water Corporation and state your case. It is important that the recommended pump frequencies are carried out, so that the fats do not bypass into the Main Sewer Lines.
  • Failure to comply with this recommendation could result in very costly charges if there is a blockage to the sewerage line in your area and the blockage is traced to your business.

Grease Arrestor